Saturday, February 28, 2009

fun things

House of 3 are having a house warming party this weekend. It looks like so much fun and I am loving what I have seen of the gorgeous house warming books the girls have done! I can't wait to see more and will be doing this project myself.

I have updated by blog with the cute free house warming blogwear. I can not tell you just how awesome the Hof3 blogwear is, so easy and so cute!

I just hope I don't miss out on too much fun being in a totally different time zone.

Something else I am super excited about, starting Monday I will be doing a Jessica Sprague class! YES I got into Candice Stringham's photography class. I can't wait to start, but first I need to go dig up the manual that came with the camera.

some recent layouts

Here are a couple of lilypad layouts I have done recently:

Miracle & wonder- credits here

Free Spirit - credits here
I love this photo of Danae. I took it just outside what used to be my grandfather's work shed.

Splash -credits here.

2 pieces of my heart - credits here.

Garden - credits here.

Swim - credits here.
I am hosting the blog challenge at the lilypad this Tuesday, so come on over and check it out!
I am also looking forward to the new BYOC coming out this Friday, we have no clues yet as to who the guest designer will be this month.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

oh dear

I am a bad blogger!!

But at least my blog looks pretty. Thanks to the fabulously talented girls at House Of 3. I am so excited about this site. Rhonna Farrer was the reason I started digi and I will always find her inspiring. I am super, super excited because I get to interview the House girls for DAM!!

Speaking of DAM, the next issue should be out very soon. I always get the jitters when a new issue comes out, I just love reading and looking at all the eye candy.

I have some other great news. I am now CTing for the lovely Shen of Creashens!! I just love her work and am so excited to be part of her team.