Saturday, February 28, 2009

fun things

House of 3 are having a house warming party this weekend. It looks like so much fun and I am loving what I have seen of the gorgeous house warming books the girls have done! I can't wait to see more and will be doing this project myself.

I have updated by blog with the cute free house warming blogwear. I can not tell you just how awesome the Hof3 blogwear is, so easy and so cute!

I just hope I don't miss out on too much fun being in a totally different time zone.

Something else I am super excited about, starting Monday I will be doing a Jessica Sprague class! YES I got into Candice Stringham's photography class. I can't wait to start, but first I need to go dig up the manual that came with the camera.

1 comment:

Rhonna Farrer said...

LOVE your Blog Couture!!!!
No worries...tomorrow we'll be giving away a bunch of, it's not a lost cause!
see you at the Party!